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@cheshgirlprobs: Not enough parties during exam period #cheshiregirlprobs

5:59pm Apr 12th 2012 edit

@cheshgirlprobs: Going to the chippy and feeling overdressed in your juicy sweats when there are chavs there in their sweaty pyjamas #cheshiregirlprobs

5:49pm Apr 12th 2012 edit

@cheshgirlprobs: Fake tanning before abersoch before pre-tanning in cannes before actually tanning in dubai #cheshiregirlprobs

5:45pm Apr 12th 2012 edit

@cheshgirlprobs: Wanting a hunky italian to sweep you off your feet but there’s a lack of them in our county #cheshiregirlprobs

5:41pm Apr 12th 2012 edit

@cheshgirlprobs: Tough decision between rosies and cruise for many of you tonight #jokes #cheshiregirlprobs

5:35pm Apr 12th 2012 edit

@cheshgirlprobs: Daddy hiring too many cooks and them spoiling your fat free broth #cheshiregirlprobs

5:31pm Apr 12th 2012 edit

@cheshgirlprobs: Having too many friends who act like samantha brick #cantbedoingwithit #cheshiregirlprobs

5:23pm Apr 12th 2012 edit

@cheshgirlprobs: RT @VisitCheshire: @cheshgirlprobs attending the Cheshire Food & Drink awards last night and tripping on the red carpet at the entrance …

5:02pm Apr 12th 2012 edit

@cheshgirlprobs: Being made to get a part time job because your daddy wants you to learn the value of the pound #cheshiregirlprobs

11:36am Apr 12th 2012 edit

@cheshgirlprobs: RT @JakeJds: @cheshgirlprobs I wish I was like cheshiregirlprobs #youcoolbitch

11:10pm Apr 11th 2012 edit

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